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High-quality genuine foamed plastic at a reasonable price

Insulation materials

Products from foamed plastic

  • Facade elements
  • Shaped cutting

Guarantees we provide:

Lack of intermediaries

Flexible system of discounts

Convenient payment methods, payment by installments

Shipment on the day of payment

Minimum order quantity - from one sheet

Foamed plastic (polystyrene foam) wholesale, on beneficial terms

Modern production capacities of PROMPOLIMER allow producing up to 250 cubic meters of foamed plastic per day. The material that meets the declared density characteristics is delivered to customers in full and within the shortest possible time.

Major construction companies throughout all cities of Russia have appreciated our polystyrene foam - Oryol is among them. Developers use this material to reduce the cost of construction work, and to increase the reliability and efficiency of thermal insulation. In Oryol, manufacturers of exhibit booths and advertising structures, furniture and architectural workshops use products from foamed plastic.

Our partners and customers

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Specifications and application of foamed plastic (polystyrene foam)

Foamed plastic and polystyrene foam are thermal insulating materials consisting of foamed plastic masses of polymer origin. Foamed plastic and polystyrene foam have a diverse range of applications. The materials are on demand in construction, shipbuilding, healthcare industries, and in the commercial and industrial sector.

The performance characteristics of polystyrene foam and foamed plastic are highly appreciated in production and construction sectors:


A few more reasons to order our polystyrene foam

PROMPOLIMER is focused on customer engagement. The integrated approach to production and the use of innovations allows selling high-quality products on favorable terms. Only here you can buy genuine foamed plastic in bulk, and a wide range of products from polystyrene foam of any kind and on favorable terms.





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